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On Saint Patrick's Day of 1975,

a bakery opened just off the Jackson town square in a small log cabin that was once a blacksmith's shop. It soon became known for its excellent breads, buns and pastries made with the freshest ingredients and nutritious whole grains. In 1980 it opened its doors as The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant and soon became a favorite gathering place for breakfast and lunch of residents and visitors alike. Four decades later, The Bunnery continues to thrive as one of Jackson's busiest, best known casual restaurants, offering a delicious, wholesome selection of menu items and baked goods, many from the original bakery's recipes.


Our philosophy

has always been to provide our guests wholesome, delicious foods made from the freshest ingredients. For many who stop by The Bunnery, breakfast is the start to a physically demanding day. Our focus is not just on delicious food, but on fresh daily menu items and baked goods made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients. This is especially true of our trademarked O.S.M. products and granola blends, based on oats, sunflower seeds and millet from an original Bunnery recipe. This small line of handcrafted blends, sold under the name of Bunnery Natural Foods, delivers bright, robust flavor, healthful dietary fiber and a wealth of essential and beneficial nutrients from minimally processed ingredients, without preservatives, trans fats or artificial additives.