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First quality ingredients

are where all of our products start, beginning with our natural whole grains but extending to every element that goes into each of our granolas, pancake and waffle mixes and oatmeal. Natural wildflower honey, minimally processed low-moisture fruit, select nuts and seeds, and dark chocolate from artisan producer Caillebaut all contribute to our unique blends.

Oats, sunflower seeds and millet

are healthful, highly beneficial dietary additions for anyone seeking to enhance daily fiber intake and nutritional balance and completeness. If our first response was to the outdoor enthusiasts and athletes who live in or frequent the rugged paradise of Jackson Hole, our O.S.M. products also appeal to food-aware individuals and families whose first dietary priorities are zero artificial ingredients or additives and a short list of high quality ingredients of exceptional nutritive value.

Low-moisture fruit,

unlike dried fruit, is achieved by initially freezing the fresh fruit and slowly removing the moisture. The water content is then partially replaced with a small amount of all-natural sweetener. The result is a plump, moist, sweet and deliciously flavorful berry or fruit tidbit with a long shelf life.

Whenever possible,

we procure our ingredients locally or domestically. Our oats, oat bran and honey come from Idaho and our cracked wheat, wheat bran and flour from Montana. Sunflower seeds are domestically cultivated, and almonds used in Bunnery Natural Foods' granolas are grown in California. Low moisture fruits are provided through a domestic company that sources its berries from North American growers