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The Bunnery Bakery

is where we started, and it remains a focal point of our bakery and restaurant. Our breads, pastries and confections are made from scratch with the finest, minimally processed ingredients to provide you an indulgence that's worth indulging in. All night, every night our bakers are busy making sure the following morning starts with impeccably fresh baked goods.

Breakfast breads are a delicious start to any morning. The Bunnery's selection of danishes, buns and muffins are just sweet enough to give you an early energy boost. If you prefer savory morning fare, choose a butter or filled croissant with cheese and spinach, ham or turkey. And nothing makes better toast than a slice of just baked O.S.M. bread.


Fruit pies

are a Bunnery specialty. Made with fresh frozen — not canned — fruit and baked in our meltingly flaky crust, are universally irresistible. Our list of cakes, cupcakes and cookies has a devoted following that makes them disappear long before the end of the day.

Stop by the counter for one of The Bunnery’s delicious baked goods offerings to take home or with you for an afternoon snack. All of The Bunnery’s breads, pastries and dessert offerings are available, ready to walk out the door with you while supply lasts. Or stock up on a few bags of granola, O.S.M. pancake and waffle mix or O.S.M. oatmeal to pack for the trail.


During the winter holidays

the Bunnery makes a selection of seasonal baked goods that keep us busy from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. Whether entertaining or putting a special finishing touch on a festive family holiday meal, residents from throughout the valley keep us on their shopping lists, especially for our pumpkin pie, our hands down most popular seasonal item. If you're in Jackson for the winter holidays, give us a call to order your very own.

"This popular spot has indulged Jackson’s sweet cravings for 18 years. Tourists come in for an espresso and a sticky bun before heading off to Yellowstone National Park. The locals prefer to take a seat on the outdoor patio and enjoy a slice of Very Berry Pie, with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. It’s the standout menu item, but don’t bother asking how to make the delicious thick crust. It’s a well guarded secret."— BON APPETIT MAGAZINE