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Bunnery Natural Foods

is The Bunnery's affiliated natural foods company founded in 2006. It handcrafts all natural, whole-grain, trademarked O.S.M. products made from recipes that have remained largely unchanged since the bakery’s beginnings. These blends, initially available only at the restaurant, saw such growth in demand that we gradually expanded this simple formula to create a small line of nine products sold under the name of Bunnery Natural Foods.

What is O.S.M.®?

O.S.M. is a trademarked proprietary blend of oats, sunflower seeds and millet on which several of our products are based. These healthful ingredients are all very high in fiber and especially beneficial to cardiovascular health. Oats in particular contain unique antioxidant compounds and other micro elements that help protect against damage from free radicals throughout the body, enhance immune response and lower risk of type two diabetes.

Oats, sunflower seeds and millet

are at the heart of Bunnery Natural Foods' all natural granolas, oatmeal, and pancake and waffle mix blends, all of which are served at The Bunnery and available not only at our bakery counter and online but also in stores throughout the west and mountain regions. Our O.S.M. breads, rolls and buns, baked fresh nightly, play a supporting role in many of our sandwiches and are among our best loved takeaway breads.