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Pancake & Waffle News Flash!

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We're becoming famous! On April 11, Florence Fabricant reviewed our new O.S.M. pancake & waffle mixes in The New York Times!  This is great news that's brought curious pancake aficionados to our email box and we have sent lots of our mixes off to new frontiers.  Read what Florence has to say here:

Our O.S.M. Oatmeal has also gotten a rave review from Clover Leaf Farm on Hub Pages, which you can read along with a great recipe variation for muesli here:

By the way, Florence had a great idea for pancakes for dessert.  If you prefer waffles, try this for breakfast or dessert:

Make a recipe of Double Chocolate waffles.  Spread two with Nutella chocolate and hazelnut spread, cover one waffle with banana slices and sandwich it with the second waffle, Nutella side down.  Who can resist that?


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