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Bark if You Think Dogs Rule!

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You think your dog's got it good?  Here's a tail-wagger for you if there ever was one.  On September 22nd, the lucky dogs of Jackson Hole are all invited to the third annual Jackson Canine Carnival, which looks like the dog equivalent of getting a free pass to Disney World.  Supported by a host of pet-centric and other local sponsors, the Carnival raises funds and free food for the Town-County Animal Shelter of Jackson Hole and Teton County, fetching $25,000 in chow alone last year.



The Teton County Fairgrounds will be transformed into an Olympic park for events such as Dogs Herding Ducks, Course-a-Lure (in which dogs chase a toy prey through an obstacle course), the Splash Dog Pool, agility demonstrations and instruction, and Sheriff K-9 and K-9 Search and Rescue demonstrations, with a Hound Hydration Station to refresh thirsty tongues and wet noses.  For less athletic, artistic types, pursuits include Picasso Paws, Bobbing for Biscuits, Pup Cakes, Nail Trims and Paw Prints.  Veterinarians and trainers will answer questions on behalf of their canine clients, and a flea market and raffle will round out the fund raising efforts.  Best of all is the Adoption Tent, the only area where cats are invited as well.



Sadly, there's also a Hot Dog Eating Contest (for people).  And please note the organizers' warning that any unattended children under the age of 12 will be given a puppy and an espresso.

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