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The Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum

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A short walk up North Cache from The Bunnery, you'll find the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum.  The Museum was founded in 1958, and the Historical Society in 1965.  The two were merged in 1989.  Originally a private museum to display the collection of W.C. "Slim" Lawrence, the present space was provided by Homer Richards, a friend of Lawrence and owner of the Pap Deloney store, built in 1906. The two began with objects for sale to generate revenue and 'curiosities' for exhibit.  


The Historical Society and Museum collects, preserves and displays documents and artifacts chronicling the history of Jackson Hole and the surrounding valley.  Its mission is educational, and since its founding, the collection has grown to include over 12,000 artifacts and historical records available to researchers, historians and the general public.  The Museum houses one of the finest existing collections of Native American pottery, weapons, stone tools, fur trade and early settler era tools and firearms, and other objects of antiquity.  It also hosts lectures, events and temporary exhibitions at the Museum and online.  The Historical Society and Research Center includes a library and a photo and document archive.  These remarkable records date to the 1804 Lewis and Clark expedition, when Jackson was part of Oregon County.


Set aside an afternoon and be prepared to step a couple of centuries back in time to lose yourself in the fascinating story of this uniquely beautiful and pristinely rugged place.  Or check out the current online exhibition, The National Elk Refuge, 1912 - 2012.

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