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Old Bill's Fun Run Breaks Its Own Record!

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Last Tuesday, on October 23rd, the results of Old Bill's Fun Run were announced at the Old Bill's Awards Party held at Jackson's National Museum of Wildlife Art.  Amazingly, in an economy still on uncertain footing, the 2012 run raised $8,352,953, more than $600,000 over the record donations raised in 2011.  Nearly 3,000 donors contributed to this remarkable effort benefiting a broad spectrum of over 200 Jackson Hole nonprofits.  Among the contributors were 45 Co-Challengers  and Friends of the Match who made individual gifts of $25,000 or in some cases considerably more to augment the half-million dollar foundation gift from Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill.  The Jackson Hole Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service drew 510 donors, the largest number of benefactors for a cause.  With the completion of its sixteenth event, Old Bill's Fun Run has cumulatively raised and redistributed nearly $91 million to local charities.


Appropriately, the 47th Annual Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Awards, held the previous evening, awarded Old Bill's the Power of Place award, given for long-term work and contribution toward ensuring the vitality of the Jackson community, nearly a third of which participates in the annual run activities.

Watch a video about the Old Bill's Fun Run festivities here:  DQssV8wmGDU

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